Debut Launch

Risqué at 45 Maiden Lane


Come celebrate the rite of Spring as Bay Area icon fashion designer, Monique Zhang, breathes life into Théâtre de la Mode’s debut launch down San Francisco’s notoriously fashionable Maiden Lane. Enjoy this special elegant evening, salon style, with original fashion from Monique Zhang, Jill Pilot and Zoë Hong, art and music created by Bay Area artists. A perfect place to treat the senses and mingle with a sophisticated and artistic crowd.

Join San Francisco’s Asian styling icon, Monique Zhang, on this very spiritual evening of March 23rd as she celebrates women in fashion and launches her Théâtre de la Mode, evoking and awakening “The Divinity Mood of Fashion” featuring performances by dancers and models with encompassing “The Earthen Goddesses-Divinity Spirit of Ancient Royalties” theme.

This Event: FASHION Risqué at 45 Maiden Lane
Project Name: Théâtre de la Mode
Date and time: March 23, Wednesday, 6 pm-midnight, 2011
Featured Theme: Divinity Concept & Collections by Bay Area Designers and Stylists
Mission: Platform for On-going Fashion Styling and Theater

6 pm to 7 pm – Press Portraits with Fashionistas of Théâtre de la Mode
7 pm to 8 pm – Fashionable Food and Desserts
8 pm to 10 pm – Fashion Theater Performance
9 pm to Midnight – Art Expo After-Party

Top Notch Full Enjoyment:
Event takes place from 6 pm to 9 pm with a special After Party extension
VIP Preview, the Theater, the After Party
Prepaid: $38
Door: $45

Special Art & Fashion Indulgence:
Event takes place from 9 pm to Midnight with the Theater and the After Party
Prepaid: $15
Door: $25

Dress Code Showcase
Attendees are encouraged to dress in fairytale, ancient goddess, attire and will be among the best dressed crowd in town. The look is ethereal, layering, draping, wrapping. iridescent soft and earthy colors, chiffon and soft materials, curvy and hugging with sensuality and femininity. Dress to impress and wow our audience.  A “Best-Dressed-of-the-Evening” award will be selected and presented.

The Risqué Loft style Lounge
Located in the notoriously fashionable Maiden Lane Alley featuring the world top touch brand names in Union Square, San Francisco. The Risqué Lounge is a chic venue, an original San Francisco style loft featuring a sleek interior with original rustic smoky brick walls.

Stage and music attraction
Sculpture-like lighting will be installed to create a fancy, intimate ambience and original soft, exotic music of  Théâtre de la Mode will be played to set the mood.

State-of-the-Art Styling (6-7 pm)
Featured team of stylists will create the fairytale of the Goddess rebirth with fashion forward touches, guests will experience the special Goddess make-up.

Theater Sensation (8-10 pm)
Audience will enjoy continuing artful presentation with privileged face-on-face viewing. Each presenter will be featured in her best character with the movement to best describe the Goddess beauty and spirit. Internationally awarded dancers will also bring about the highlight of the evening by presenting astonishing Eastern movement and spirit.

Starlight Spot (7-8 pm)
Small film production shooting on site plus celeb photographers will take action portraits.

Tasty Delights (7-8 pm)
An artistic finger food vignette–a visual feast for the eyes. The food will be created with the vision of Théâtre de la Mode.

Grand Style Art Expo After Party (9 pm-midnight)
Group artists and stylists will showcase their art work and design. Pyramid cake will be worshipped and served Lady Gaga style, also, creative make-up artists will be on site to create your body art to be photographed.

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