Production Team

Monique Zhang
The Visionary and the Creator for Théâtre de la Mode

Monique Zhang was blessed with the ability to teach and choreograph her beloved fashion shows while having her designing career throughout the past 25 years in Union Square of San Francisco.  She began designing and teaching in her early 20’s with her noted mentor, the late Sandra Sakata, launching back then, the exciting “West Coast Art-to-Wear Movement.”

Monique’s artistic training began at her early exploration in the Orient where she studied ballet and modern dance growing up and later, Taichi and I Ching movement to enhance her Eastern study and fashion production as a creative director for many projects. Over the years, she has utilized many different types of movement and music in bringing out the spirit of her style and theatrical effects of her fashion shows for her fans and audience.

She has always been able to transform beginner models into dynamic, dancer-like presenters with her artful and mindful choreography. She realized this love was indeed a gift that  could not be overlooked as she would further unveil.  Her Movement is beyond trend, style, and fashion – it’s an invisible power of force that only certain individuals can command with the fine spirit.

Jill Pilot

Zoë Hong
Fashion Designer

Zoë was born in Seoul, Korea and grew up in Anchorage, Alaska, schlepping dog-eared copies of fashion magazines on family fishing trips. She moved to Los Angeles after high school to attend Otis College of Art and Design, where she studied under amazing talents as varied as Bob Mackie and Michelle Mason. Upon graduation, she spent the next few years working as a designer in Los Angeles, and then later in San Francisco, until she decided to open her own business.

In 2005, Zoë won “Fresh Blood”, a design competition in San Francisco. The following year, she won the Gen Art / Perrier “Bubbling Under” Design Competition.

Sheridan Tatsuno
Script Writer

Stage Designer

Lighting Designer

Art Director

Reesa Ali
Culinary Artist/Cookbook Author

Reesa is the fresh new face of the food world with a unique perspective on merging Fashion and Food. With a background in Earth Sciences, she soon realized that her talents weren’t being expressed to the fullest and made the biggest and boldest decision of her life. She had the audacity to follow her dreams.  She views herself as a “Creative Visionary” and takes pride in her uncanny ability to dictate the forward movement of Food and Fashion. To anyone that knows her; Reesa is the Queen of Entertaining.

In 2010, she launched Casual and Fabulous, a lifestyle brand for Fashion Forward Young Professionals. An extensive brand that includes; inspiring cookbooks, high style dinnerware and innovative multi-functional furniture for the home, just to name a few.

She is soon to release to the world her first offering from this breakout brand, a self titled cookbook. Casual and Fabulous is all about effortless entertaining that imparts a unique and impressive experience to your guests. Brilliant menus and stunning photos are your guide to achieving casual sophistication.

Roxanne Lee
Jewelry Designer

Roxanne paints her thoughts and emotions on canvas and paper; she captures single moments of precious life with her eyes; she spills her passion on her designs and she spoils the desires of her dreams on her adventures.

When she was 10, she sewed her first dress by combining all the pieces together with a simple zipper in the back. Ever since, she became truly addicted to handcrafting and never can take her hands off fabric, thread and beads. She started making dresses, purses, book covers and jewelry.

Jimmy Ko
Fashion Photographer

Simon Fu

Simon believes the photography is always a gift that people can always remember for our memorable time even few years later. He captures many memorable images that will be prized for generations to come with his experience and artistic eye.

Moja Ma’at

Moja is a self taught fine art, fashion photographer who has a deep love fro the art of fashion. He wants to continue to grow in this field and he’s always shooting.

Hana Krulova

Hana desired to find new, better, faster and more effective solutions to what had already been in place for years, or maybe just her need to be different has gotten her in a lot of trouble over the past three decades. Never though, did she lose inspiration or motivation. Finally, she has found a constructive direction for her independent creativity, which is directly reflected in her photographs and design.

Helice Wen

Helice choose things she has strong feelings about to be her subject such as people she love or hate, her favorite songs, a great book, or the worst nightmare she’s had. She like to present a sensitive side of people and things.

Dillon Lin
Motion Graphic Designer/Videographer

John Moy Jr
Graphic Designer

John pulls inspiration from his love in multicultural art, music and lifestyle. He also love typography, magazines and books, packagings, graffiti, dogs and pasta.

His design approach is creating a clear concept while always seeking for unique solution for every project. In essence, he’s obsessed with the tiniest bit of detail.

Music Composer/DJ

Model Coach

Model Lead


Make-up Artist

On-site Manager

Public Relations

Inspiration Contributor

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